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​TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface

  • There will be another update in a few weeks time, this will include a fix for the class 42, the dead-man pedal works the opposite way to all other TS locos.There will be some other additions. If anybody wishes to take on the challenge of translating the included manual, please feel free. At the moment there are no volunteers, I am told that this is not an easy task.

  • TS2017 Raildriver and joystick interface V2.1.3 Uploaded

    16/01/2018 V2.1.2 not released.
    1. Fixed DSD device sounding when DSD enabled on some locos.
    2. Added an option to the KeyMaps \ ButtonMap menu that allows you to create a copy of an existing button map keeping all the currently assigned buttons.
    3. Added script fixes for the AP Class 43 enhancement pack that will reset the DVD timer when the throttle or brake are moved.
    4. Fixed external alerts sounding all the time when you exit a scenario with the alarm sounding. Simply click the Stop Callback button and the alarm now stop.

    27/01/18 V2.1.3 released
    1. Added AWS fix for Virgin Train Pack.
    2. Updated page 1 with the ideal location to extract the program too.
    3. Major improvements to code, the program now only uses 0.5% - 1.5% of CPU cycles instead of 12% - 14%, so this means that frame rate drop is now only 1-2 frames .

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to current folder overwriting all existing files.

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V2.1.4 released

    1. Further minor code optimization.
    2. Updated ControlNames.txt file to add lights for the Class 370 APT-P and Throttle and Brakes for the VR ET 403.
    3. Added second alarm sound so that users without the overlay can distinguish between AWS/Sifa (continuous tone) and DSD/DVD/Alerter (pulsed tone).

  • From Cobra one

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V2.1.5 released

    1. The delay on startup people were experiencing with older Raildrivers has now been fixed.
    2. Added more lever names for some RSSLO dutch loco's to the controlnames.txt file.
    3. Fixed an error where if you had more than one Raildriver, the calibration data for the second was not saved correctly.
    4. Minor improvement made to the GetData script used in advanced mode.
    5. Final code optimisation that reduces the CPU load from 4% - 5% to 0.5% - 1.5%.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

    Users who use the Advanced mode need to copy the updated Railworks_Getdata_Script.lua file from the settings folder to their TS2018 plugins folder.

    This will be the last update to the program as I think I have gone as far as I can with it and I am now moving onto other things.

  • V3 now updated for TS2019.

    1. Updated to now have both x86 and x64 support for use with TS2019.
    2. Updated to Net 4.0 the same as TS2019 so there is no longer a need to enable Net 3.5 in Win10.
    3. Updated to use SharpDX for the Joystick input and overlay display to enable their use in the x64 version (There is no need to install SharpDX).
    4. To use the x86 version run the "TS2019 Interface (x86).exe" and for the x64 run "TS2019 Interface (x64).exe"
    5. As this is a major update I have decided to move to Version 3.0.0.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

  • V3.01 now updated for TS2019.

    Hopefully this will fix the long delays people are having, please let me know.
    Can I reiterate that if you have a joystick or have the overlay enabled then you need to install the DirectX I have uploaded it and if you are using the overlay which is why you need to run TS in windowed or borderless and not full screen.

  • Combined Throttle and Train Brake for joystick user.
    As of V3.0.2 You now have the option to use a single joystick axis as both the throttle and brake i.e.
    the first half will be the train brake and the second half will be the throttle. To enable this function
    you simply assign the same lever to the Throttle, ThrottleAndBrake and the TrainBrake, when asked
    if you wish to delete the other assignment select No. Also in this mode if you change the direction
    of the throttle or train brake the other will be reversed automatically.

  • V3.0.3
    1. Fixed error where neither Standard or Advanced mode could be selected in the Settings \ Mode menu.
    2. Option to use a single joystick axis as the throttle and train brake added to the advanced mode.
    3. Fixed error of flickering screen reported by some.
    4. Found the cause of the black screen showing over TS2019, see the new "When Things Go Wrong.pdf".
    5. Things to look for when things go wrong
    6. ** Fixed a memory leak that crept in after converting to SharpDX for the overlay.

    * As you can see, these graphics cards have been created using "UKTS_38190_Setting_Up_TS2018_with_a_single_nVidia_card" as well as the black screen goes away. I have done some further testing myself and found it to be the antialiasing FXAA setting that is causing the problem. The TS2019 interface (x86) .exe and the TS2019 interface (x64) .exe and turn off the FXAA are now available as part of the "UKTS_38190_Setting_Up_TS2018_with_a_single_nVidia_card".

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to current folder overwriting all existing files.

  • Version 3.0.7

    1. Fixed an error that stopped you being able to set the neutral position by adding the letter ‘n’ in front of the relevant notch value.

    2. Added some extra names to the FolderNames.txt file which should enable more German trains to work. (Thanks to Steve Green for the list).

    3. Added script fixes for the Alaskan Railroad to enable it to function correctly in advanced mode.

    4. Added lever and script fixes for the Vulcan Productions Preserved Deltic.

    To apply 2 or 3 without doing a complete install simply select the "Extract Single Folder" menu option and select the "trainsanddrivers" folder for the Alaskan Railroad or the folder "Kuju" for the Deltic.

  • Version 3.08 big update to functionality.

    As a result of various requests over time I have made the following updates to the program.

    1. As well as the standard option of keyboard commands being sent while a button is pressed, you now have the added option of sending a command for a specific length of time when the button is pressed and sending another command for a specific length of time when the button is released. This will also allow you to use on/off switches, rotary switches and rotary encoders. See the "Advanced Button Mapping" documentation.

    2. You can now output the majority of the data that is displayed in the overlay in Advanced mode, to any serial port attached to your PC. This can be done in either Standard or Advanced mode. This will allow you to illuminate LED's, display text on LCD's or control servo's or motors using an Arduino, Microchip Pic Micro, Picaxe or Raspberry Pi. Anything that has a serial port on it. I have included a demo script for an Arduino which displays the speed, gear position, reverser position and whether the doors are open or closed. It also demonstrates lighting an LED when the Sunflower is activated. See the "Output Data To Serialports" documents.

    3. I have also added a menu option under KeyMaps\Button Map called "Default Keyboard Delay". This allows you to set a global delay in milliseconds which when set, will insert a delay between keyboard commands being sent. As an example, if you have Shift T set as a command then the Shift key down command will be sent, then there will be a delay and then the T key down will be sent. When you release the button the T up command will be sent, followed by a delay and finally the Shift key up command.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.