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​TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface

  • Double Update

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.2 released

    Advanced Mode - Speed Limit Update for both the overlay and serial port data

    If you are using Advanced mode and put the reverser into reverse, then the data for the NextSpeedLimitBackSpeed and NextSpeedLimitBackDistance will be sent to the serial port instead of NextSpeedLimitSpeed and NextSpeedLimitDistance but with a negative number to show that it is the speed limit behind being displayed. If you switch to the rear cab then the speed limits should swap so that what was the speed limit behind, now becomes the speed limit in front.

    Unfortunately this does not work for all loco’s so I have included a macro called “MACRO_TOGGLE_SPEEDLIMIT” which will switch the forward/back speed limits on each call.

    To use it simply edit your button map, select the “Add New Command “ from the right click menu option, give the Control Name box a name (I used “Switch Speed Limits”) and select the “MACRO_TOGGLE_SPEEDLIMIT” from the Key box, it is the last item in the list, finally assign a button to it.

    This does the same as pressing Shift+Alt+D when the overlay is displayed.

    This update also works on the overlay so when you select reverse, the overlay shows the speed limit behind.

    The data sent to the serial port will be as follows. For the speed limit ahead,

    SpeedLimit:NextSpeedLimitSpeed:50.00 and SpeedLimit:NextSpeedLimitDistance:50.00

    And for the speed limit behind,

    SpeedLimit:NextSpeedLimitSpeed:-50.00 and SpeedLimit:NextSpeedLimitDistance:-50.00

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.3 released

    Fixed a long standing error when saving lever map data to many files that occurred when the ControlName was changed. This was caused by the program searching on the changed version of the ControlName instead of the original ControlName resulting in the entry not being found.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.4 released

    Fixed an issue with the KEY_SLASH (forward slash) used for the Handbrake not working correctly (typo on my part which crept in, in V2.0.0 would you believe).

    I have also added updates to the lever maps for the AP Class 50, AP Class 350 and RSSLO BR612 supplied by Crrispy. These can be found in the updates folder and will require extracting to the TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface folder.