S8 Advanced - Underground Stock

  • The S8 London Underground stock has been in service since 2010 and is used on the Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. The S stock ('S' stands for 'Sub-surface') has less seating than previous trains, but is capable of faster acceleration and has more room for standing passengers.

    S8 stock has air conditioning and low floors to facilitate access for disabled passengers and it is possible for passengers to walk from one car to the next while the train is moving.

    Developed in conjunction with a current S8 driver to ensure the utmost authenticity and accuracy the S8 is probably our most Advanced developed train to date.

    Note: Our London-Aylesbury and Chiltern Main Line London-Aylesbury Extension routes have been specifically built with the section of the Metropolitan line included where it runs beside the main line route from Finchley Road to Amersham. The Metropolitan line section has been built with custom London Underground signalling and includes various invisible markers which allow the full functioning of S8 features such as the Tripcock safety device, door opening interlock and the simulated in-cab video screens which display at stations. As other routes will not have this custom signalling or invisible markers installed many features of the S8 Advanced will not be available if driven on those routes, moreover we cannot guarantee that the S8 Advanced will be drivable on other third- or fourth-rail routes.

    Tutorial videos: Sensitive Edge Tutorial / Train Numbering Tutorial / PEA Tutorial

    A TfL licence application has been submitted for this software but not yet approved.