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No more updates to RW Tools

  • From UKTS;

    I recently gave my 2nd PC to a friend who could not afford a new one. During the handover the hard-drives were all re-formatted. Now my main PC has had a HDD crash and I have had to reinstall everything. It turns out some of the back-ups I needed were on the PC I have given away :-(

    Due to RW_Tools being dependant on the 3rd party grid control which appears on most screens to list data etc, and that 3rd party now being out of business. I have no way to reinstall Visual Basic 6 with all its add-ons to the state it was originally, so I have no way of editing the existing program any further. The program v8.1.16 on my site, is pretty much bug proofed, so it should work fine on all your machines, but there will be no more bug fixes or changes available. My web site is paid up until around year end, after that it will probably close as it is quite expensive to maintain.

    Sorry about this, but as I will be 80 next year, I need a rest anyway :-)