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[DTG / Rivet Games] Gotthard Bahn: Erstfeld - Bellinzona

  • Für 28,17 Euro = 17% Rabatt bis zum 8. August kann die Gotthard Bahn Erstfeld - Bellinzona jetzt erworben werden. Danach kostet sie 33.99 Euro.

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  • From UKTS;

    We've been delighted with the success of the launch of the Gotthardbahn route, and overwhelmed with so many positive comments about it. As is always the case with software though, there were some issues so the team have been working hard to fix as many as possible in an update for the route that we hope to make available soon.

    We'd like to thank everyone that's taken the time to get in contact - we've collated everything we've seen across forums, emails, social media, and from those of you we've spoken to in person. It's not possible to fix everything that everyone would like us to, but we think we can fix a great deal of them - here's a list:

    - Updated audio horn

    - Updated audio on wheels when cornering

    - Fix for the rear axles on the wagon pivot points

    - Track type updated to show tunnel start/end points on the HUD

    - Darkening wheel rim surfaces on loco and coaches

    - Darkening wheel axles on loco and coaches

    - EWIV Bt door opening corrected

    - Re460 PMS brakes amended to be in default raised position

    - Adjusted ground reflection of red lights

    - Added various additional assets along the route.

    - Lavargo Motorway asset updated to turn off Clipping volume in-game.

    - Updates to Faido Station model

    - Updates to Bellinzona Station model

    - Updates to Bodio Station area

    - Updates to SBB Coach mode

    - Fixed various floating trees and truck issues

    - Various localisation corrections across all languages

    - Updates to both in-game text and to documentation

    Please note that these updates are now in the process of being tested and in case of problems might not all be implemented in an update which we hope will be available before too long.

    We would like to thank you for all your feedback and while we cannot guarantee that all your wishes are granted, the team is working hard to address as many issues as they can. And whilst there's always a limit to how much can be done, if you feel they're doing a good job they would really appreciate reviews being left on Steam.