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Victory works future releases

  • The decision to move to publishing with Steam Sounds Supreme was a reluctant one - not because we don't like SSS, we love what they do and we think they're the best sound creators in the Train Sim arena - but because we appreciate that many people like to only buy from Steam.

    However after nearly a decade it just became untenable to continue with DTG on Steam. Not wanting to make this into a drama I actually had a complete burnout at the end of last year and was ready to quit completely and it was solely down to DTG and their 3rd party "support". I had to take time off just because I could no longer cope with working with them - I calmed down, came back 2 days before the release of the GWR Panniers all ready to go again, and sure enough they found a whole new and exciting way to botch the release of those! They have made a mess of testing, releases, patches and updates time and time again and eventually after 6+ years you have to come to the conclusion that it's not a one off and they're not going to improve.

    I'm not going to air every thing that has happened (not least because it would take me many days to recount it all) but I will say that every single release by Victory Works with DTG has been a huge amount of stress and there have been many stresses in between from a lack of communication and/or care for 3rd party development. I am still waiting for a promised contact back from their Brand Manager since February 2017 (a conversation started in September 2016 and duly ignored) in reference to all of the problems and issues.

    So we made the move to SSS this year and I have to say it's been a pleasure to work with them. I understand that may mean that some people will no longer buy our products and to be honest if that means that we are forced to close up shop then so be it, because that would have been the outcome anyway if we had stayed with DTG