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[TSW / TSW2] Updates

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  • Train Sim World Update 14.11.2019

    Bei diesem Update werden einige Veränderungen am TSW vorgenommen, sowie einige Fixes an der Tees Valley Line. Des weiteren wird mit dem Update die Tees Valley Line auf die kommende BR Class 31 Loco vorbereitet.

    Was genau geändert wurde findet Ihr hier:

    Today we are bringing an update to Train Sim World 2020. This update adds support for the upcoming BR Class 31 locomotive, as well as improvements to the core game and the Tees Valley Line route.


    · Medal rewards are now shown on the Scenario End and Timetable Service debrief screens.

    · Resolved an issue whereby video playback could cause deadlocks.

    · Optimised title memory footprint, targeting improved stability in content heavy areas.

    Tees Valley Line:

    · Now includes new Journey feature.

    · Updated scenario and timetable scoring to latest mechanics and added medal rewards.

    · Resolved an issue with incorrect sound playing on the 37/5s rear cab right wiper.

    · Resolved an issue with errant animations on the BR BBA Bogie Steel Wagon’s couplers.

    · Increased numbering variation across the BR BBA Bogie Steel Wagons.

    Update Size:

    · STEAM: TBC

    · PS4: 1.1 GB

    · XBOX1: 11.3 GB

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  • Train Sim World - BR Class 31 Hoftfix - 19.11.2019

    Heute gibt es einen kleinen Fix für die BR Class 31.

    Today we are bringing an update to Train Sim World 2020. This update addresses the issues reported to us with regards to locomotive sounds.

    BR Class 31 Loco:

    · Resolved an issue whereby running with certain loco numbers could compromise engine audio

    · Resolved an issue whereby applying the throttle before voice over completion could lead to the tutorial becoming blocked for completion.

    Update Size:


    Quelle: Train Sim World Pc Updates | Dovetail Games Forums

  • Train Sim World 2020 Hotfix – 02 April 2020

    Today we are bringing an update to Train Sim World 2020, this update brings changes to speed limits, signals, as well as other various fixes to Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr route DLC. Please find the full update log below:

    • Adjusted westbound RE2 service to stop at Mulheim (Ruhr) instead of Mulheim (Ruhr) West.

    • Adjusted the DB BR 425 EMUs volume fades, to reduce instances of reported clicks and pops during fast sound transitions.
    • Adjusted the track maximum authorised speed at the following locations:
    - Wattchensheid from 100 km/h to 160 km/h.

    - Between Essen Kray Sud and Essen Hbf from 100 km/h to 140 km/h and extended to the 100 km/h maximum authorised speed sign.

    - Essen Kray (eastbound) between Signal 943 and the crossover from 90 km/h to 130 km/h.

    - Girder bridges over the river approaching Duisburg Hbf from 100 km/h to 140 km/h.

    - Short 120 km/h section (eastbound) between Essen Kray Sud and Essen Hbf has been raised to 140 km/h.
    • Corrected signal P2 at Essen Hbf to operate as Hp type instead of Ks.

    • Moved the 120 km/h maximum authorised speed sign just outside of the east end of the platforms at Mulheim Hbf from the left to the right of the track it marks.

    • Corrected Signal 934 at Essen Kray to show ‘9’ on the Zs3 indicator for the left-hand route and will no longer display any indication for the right-hand route.

    • Corrected signals 903 through 908 and 913 through 918 between Essen-Frohnhausen and Mulheim Hbf with white and yellow post plates to default back to ‘Clear’ once the signal block is unoccupied instead of remaining at ‘Danger’ until the next route is allocated.

    • Removed rust from track between Essen-Frohnhausen and Mulheim Hbf.

    Quelle: Train Sim World Pc Updates | Dovetail Games Forums

  • Heute wurde das Update zur BR 204 veröffentlicht!

    Today we are bringing an update to Train Sim World 2020 which improves the DB BR 204 Loco Add-On, developed by Rivet Games. Please find the full update log below:

    • Expanded the range of timetable services.
    • Added an additional scenario “Lohr Industrial Delivery”.
    • Resolved an issue that could result in derailing during uncoupling operations in the “Hafenbahnhof Order” scenario
    • Added the Cab Sway feature to the loco
    • Backspace now operates emergency brake application
    • Updated Bogie positions to fix instances of offset bogies
    • Updated the Head-out Camera for Left and Right Views
    • Improved a variety of model and localisation implementations

    The update will download automatically for everyone over the next 48 hours.

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  • Seit heute gibt es ein Update von DTG zu Train Sim World 2!