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AP FSA & FTA Container Wagons - Available

  • From Facebook;

    To complement our forthcoming Class 86 Enhancement Pack, we have developed brand new FSA & FTA wagons.

    With 560 FSAs & 140 FTAs built, these container flat wagons have been the mainstay of Freightliner services from the early 1990s to the present day. Featuring 37 container liveries, standard/'high cube' container variants, a 'tanktainer' & Railfreight Distribution/Freightliner liveries, the FSA/FTA Wagon Pack will be your go-to pack for all realistic intermodal operations.

  • Available now £9.99 or thereabouts. FSA/FTA Wagon Pack

    Armstrong Powerhouse presents the FSA/FTA Wagon Pack.

    Constructed in the early 1990s, the FSA & FTA wagons have been the mainstay of Freightliner operations ever since. Combined with a wide variety of containers, this pack offers all you need for realistic intermodal workings.

    What is included?

    2 variants - FSA & FTA

    2 liveries - Railfreight Distribution & Freightliner

    4 container types - 20 ft/40 ft & standard/high cube

    37 container liveries spread over 3 eras (2000, 2010 & 2020)

    1 'tanktainer'

    Empty/loaded versions with realistic physics

    Prototypical sounds

    1 realistic scenario for the DTG North London & Goblin Lines route

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