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ChrisTrains NS GTOW for Train Simulator

  • ChrisTrains NS GTOW / GTU Euro 1.75 + Tax

    • Comes in eight variants - E (Coal), Eo (Beets), Ez and Ez 'S' (aluminium), GTU flatbed with Mat '54 nose, GTU flatbed with Mat '64 nose, GTU flatbed with a pair of SGM noses, and GTU flatbed with a bogie.
    • Tick the 'cargo' box in the wagon properties when creating consists to see the gravel load.(Knowledebase).
    • GTOW variants will load and unload at transfer points.
    • Look for 'CT NS GTOW' or 'CT NS GTU' in the wagons list to find these wagons.
    • GTU train noses are separate objects that can be placed in routes or scenarios (in the 'misc' objects - look for 'CT NS Mat'54 nose', for example).
    • Can be used in your own scenarios.