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  • Assuming the mods are happy with it, I will run a thread here as a sister to the one on the other forum. This will be for less well known British add-ons, both freeware and payware. Mods feel free to move to another place if you feel it is appropriate.

    Malcolm Rail Scottish landscape re-skin now available here caledonianrailworks.wordpress.…ss-type/class-90dvt-sets/ for both AP and Steam class 90 packs. Also available from UKTS

    Class 91 enhancement pack updated on UKTs members.uktrainsim.com//filelib-info.php?form_fileid=35230

    North Lincolnshire route updated to version 10G lincs-train-sim.co.uk/
    This is a massive Steam Era/Early Diesel Route
    From the authors site;

    What is updated in the latest update since the last (November 2015) update?
    The entire East Lincolnshire Railway (Grimsby to Boston) is now scened up, and the line extended from Eastville all the way to Boston. SOME work has been done on the Louth Mablethorpe Willoughby Branch (but far from finished), a little on the New Line, signalling and improving of the lines just east of Grimsby Town station, and a number of minor changes elsewhere on the system.
    I very strongly recommend buying the Digital Traction LNER twinset carriages, as these are a dead ringer for the carriages used on the Louth to Bardney (and the Horncastle) Branch. digitaltraction.co.uk/mainsite…nset-articulated-coaches/ I have used these in several scenarios for the line.

    DP Simulation have released v5.0 of their scenery extension modifications to the Edinburgh Glasgow route, updated now to include the full route between Haymarket and Carstairs.

    Full details via the link below:

    http://dpsimulation.blogspot.co.uk/2016 ... nsion.html

    Steam workshop link steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=181454861

    Also from UKTS


    For those of you not on Facebook, in anticipation of the 313, I have finally got round to updating my Moorgate extension to work with the latest updates for ECML London - Peterborough, plus some other improvements.

    The changes are as follows:
    - updated to be compatible with the latest TS2016 update for ECML London - Peterborough
    - added tunnel occlusions
    - added some platform clutter included dry risers, information boards, train destination boards and DOO monitors
    - added missing tunnel entrance at Drayton Park end
    - adjusted platform lighting for a slightly more underground and atmospheric setting.
    - added more destinations to quick drive from Moorgate in the northbound direction
    - compiled in an easy executable self-installing utility.

    Download from:

    V3 of the North Clyde Line/Glasgow Suburban line now avialable suburban-glasgow.org.uk/ This is a massive roue of the Glasgow Suburban Area Modern Era.

    Available from UKTS the Wigan to Southport line uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=35071 updated

    patch available on UKTs to give JT class 60 advanced realistic power and adhesion uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=35371

    Wycombe route V2 now available from free from Steam Sounds Supreme steamsoundssupreme.com/routes_freeproducts.html Nice steam era route.
    If you have the old route installed you shoulderstand delete this before installing the new version. Old scenarios will not work with the new version of the route.

    rail-sim.net/ Rail sim.net sell LMS / BR non corridor coaches and goods brake vans. They are very good value.

    There is also an excellent Scottish freeware route available here caledonianrailworks.blogspot.co.uk/ it runs from Dundee to Aberdeen and Dyce, but at the moment the scenery only goes as far as Montrose. Part two will include the Brechin line. Edit; it has been pointed out to me that this route uses assets from the Phorum Peninsula Line. As far as I know these assets are the narrow gauge track and stock which are used to represent the miniature railway at Arbroath, not having these will simply mean that there will be no miniature railway, but possibly a few milk bottles instead. You may also need to use F2 save and resume to get the scenarios to run, unless you are confident in RWtools to delete the narrow gauge stock.

    Not strictly British, but part of the old empire
    Now available from UKTS The Darjeeling Himalayan Narrow Gauge Railway for those who like something different. members.uktrainsim.com//filelib-info.php?form_fileid=34737 members.uktrainsim.com//filelib-info.php?form_fileid=34738 members.uktrainsim.com//filelib-info.php?form_fileid=34739

    Thread with screenshots on UKTS here forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopi…1&t=142514&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

  • Released on UKTS Devon Rails members.uktrainsim.com//filelib-info.php?form_fileid=35923

    Welcome to version 1.01 of Devon Rails, which is based on and vastly extends DTG’s Riviera Line. This interim update adds the tracks to Gunnislake and Okehampton, and finishes the detailed scenery to Exmouth.

    The route will be updated regularly. At the moment there is detailed scenery for:
    Exeter to Plymouth, Exeter to Exmouth
    It has partial scenery for:
    Plymouth to Devonport and Cowley Bridge Junction to Tiverton Parkway.
    And line, signalling and stations only for:
    Exmouth junction to Axminster, Cowley Bridge Junction to Okehampton, Devonport to Gunnislake, and Tiverton Parkway to Bristol Temple Meads.
    We’ll fill in the missing detail in due course, as well as extending the rails to Barnstaple.
    You will absolutely need to have the Riviera Line installed for this to work. For an acceptable experience you’ll also need to have DTG’s Brighton Main Line and scenery packs, Just Trains’ Western Main Lines and Bristol to Exeter routes, DP Simulation’s Barnstaple to Exeter, and the UKTS community scenery packs. For the best experience you’ll need all the other assets listed below, but it’ll probably work pretty well with just those above. You’ll need the vehicle assets in the list to be able to run some of the scenarios, but they’re not essential if you don’t want to play them.

    Installation instructions
    Save the Devon Rails 7z file to a suitable folder. Unzip the contents to the same folder.
    Copy the unzipped file xxx to this folder:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonRailWorksContentRoutes
    Ceege folder
    Copy the unzipped Ceege folder to this folder:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonRailWorksAssets
    This is not essential, but you can get a comprehensive list of stations from the extended route to show in the navigation window by copying over the Riviera_Stations.dcsv file in the 7z to your system. Begin by using RW Tools to unpack the main content .ap file in this folder:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonRailWorksAssetsRSCRivieraLineRouteMarkers
    When you’ve done that rename the existing .dcsv file to Riviera_Stations.bak and then paste in the Riviera_Stations.dcsv in the download.
    Bear in mind that you’ll get the same list when you use your original Riviera Line route, even though the stations aren’t actually there.
    Full asset list
    Author Label Website
    Callum Renton Ceege In the installation zip
    DevL Barnstaple to Exeter DP Simulation
    JADsHome Chain Link Fencing uktrainsim
    JADsHome Palisade Fencing uktrainsim
    JADsHome Signs pack 2 uktrainsim
    JADsHome Signs pack 3 uktrainsim
    mbtech22 LSWR Trestle Platform Kit uktrainsim
    mbtech22 SR Pedestal Platform uktrainsim
    Callum Renton / Simon Spoerer Devon Rails v 1.01 uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Blocks and Lofts uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Clutter uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Commercial uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Housing uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Industrial uktrainsim
    UKTS_FP Railway Buildings uktrainsim
    Mbrinton RailNetwork uktrainsim
    JASLoot Railway Crossings uktrainsim
    Richard Maxted Banks and cuttings uktrainsim
    Callum Renton HST repaints uktrainsim
    JT Voyager Just Trains
    JT 153 Just Trains
    JT Western Main Lines Just Trains
    Kuju Rail Simulator Just Trains
    RSC AP Station Steam
    RSC Brighton Main Line Steam
    RSC Class 159 Steam
    RSC MP02 Town Steam
    RSC MP Platform Clutter Steam
    RSC Riviera Line Steam
    RSC West Somerset Steam
    RSDL Foliage Steam
    S9BL Class 158 Steam
    Thomson_Oovee Class 150 Steam
    Keith Ross WCML North Steam

  • From DP simulations

    Glorious Devon TPO Patch
    Patch for the users of Victory Works Travelling Post Office
    Victory Works have provided the “GWR Saint Class and Travelling Post Office”
    addon for Train Simulator 2017. In order to provide reasonably accurate locations for the lineside apparatus and track links for the owners of this addon the Glorious Devon team has produced this TPO patch for Glorious Devon Exeter to Plymouth ver. 1.2.
    The patch provides location markers for the lineside apparatus, a few small changes to the scenery so as to provide room for the apparatus, with attending Royal Mail vans etc. and the manual provides lots of information for scenario writers who wish to produce TPO scenarios.
    Included is a sample scenario primarily to show the placement of lineside apparatus and links in the scenario editor but also for a chance to have the excitement of driving a double headed Saint mail train from Exeter to Plymouth.


  • Yorkshire Coast update
    from UKTS

    Onedrive link for a work in progress version if anyone would like to see how things are going, I've learned to back up several times a week to avoid losing anything if TS2016 takes a turn and does odd things to my track as it seems prone to, After a quick fly through in the editor this version seems fine https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aq3KWBrMkhYOhOcL5NZKqXo88VuRZA

    Payware requirements are as follows
    The main TS2016 Package including Riviera 1950s - http://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/
    West Highland Line Extension for track, Embankments & Vegetation http://store.steampowered.com/app/277748/
    Weardale & Teesdale Network for majority of scenery at the Whitby & Saltburn end and industrial buildings - http://store.steampowered.com/app/277777/
    Donner Pass for the viaducts on the coast route - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65239/
    Not so essential but used in the middle section built earlier
    Woodhead Route - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65244/
    Settle & Carlisle - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65255/
    Falmouth Branch - http://store.steampowered.com/app/24096/
    All freeware files available on UKTS are listed as related files to this earlier build of the route - http://members.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php

  • Glorious Devon Exeter to Plymouth 1958 is now updated to ver1.3.

    Release notes are:

    1) Kingswear, Churston and Brixham platforms are now populated and will load/unload passengers. *note: Brixham is a short platform with a set of points by the centre of the platform. In order to load/unload the engine must straddle the points and the carriage next to the engine will then load/unload. A long train to the end of the platform cannot load/unload but this would have been a rare event in real life also.

    2) A situation where RW allocated a number "1" to detail levels on random scenic items, signal post, houses, vegetation etc. rendering them invisible even at the "Highest" detail level setting has been corrected. This problem was global in nature over the whole route ( and also on many other routes). Now players should see more scenery and some of those missing signal post and TPO lineside changes should be visible.

  • DPS have released a free scenario pack for London to Peterborough ECML DPSimulation: ECMLS: London to Peterborough Scenario Pack - Available Now

    Set in 2016, the pack covers passenger operations on the route and utilises the HST, Class 91/Mk4 DVT, Class 90, Class 313 and Class 321.

    The scenarios offer varying and challenging operations and gives nearly 9 hours of further driving on this route along with varied AI and plenty of interaction with other services to keep you on your toes.

    As ever, in order to provide the most realistic experience possible, the requirements list for this pack is quite extensive. The readme can be viewed from the download page, or from within the download package itself.
    RequirementsThe following stock used has been chosen to try and replicate the correct workings from the real world, where possible. Although the list of required payware is quite extensive, a large proportion of users generally have many of the popular items listed below and I make no apology for the use of these items in order to be as realistic as possible.All scenario packs from DPSimulation are designed to add further enjoyment to what you have already purchased, however, if you don't own some of the items then please note that RWTools offers a facility to 'swap out' any items that you don't have meaning that these scenario packs should be accessible to all in some form. If you do swap out items, you do so at your own risk and DPSimulation cannot be held responsible for the any scenario not working as originally intended because of this process.PaywareEast Coast Mainline South – SteamLiverpool to Manchester – SteamEuropean Loco & Asset Pack - SteamClass 91 Pack – SteamClass 90 GEML Pack - SteamClass 321 FCC Pack - SteamClass 180 Pack – SteamClass 66 EWS V2 Pack – SteamClass 66 Freightliner V2 Pack – SteamRSC EWS Class 67 Pack - SteamClass 313 Pack – Armstrong PowerhouseClass 91 Enhancement Pack – Armstrong PowerhouseBAA Wagon Pack - Armstrong PowerhouseFreeware & RepaintsVTEC HST Repaint Pack (Superalbs) – UKTrainsimClass 365 'FCC/Great Northern' Repaint Pack - DPSimulationClass 365 'Great Northern' Repaint Pack - DPSimulationClass 321 'FCC/Great Northern' Repaint Pack - DPSimulationClass 317 'Great Northern' Repaint Pack - DPSimulationClass 66 V2 Repaint Pack – UKTrainsimBritish Gypsum FEA Repaint – DPSimulationDBS 90036 'Driver Jack Mills' Repaint - DPSimulation'Grand Central' ECMLS Repaint - DPSimulationEast Midlands Trains Class 158 Repaint – DPSimulationThe following are also required for the Class 317 FCC/Great Northern repaint pack. If you have previously used a ECMLS scenario pack from DPSimulation, you should already have these installed.DRB Class 317 BR Blue - UKTrainsimDRB Class 317 NSE - UKTrainsimDRB Class 317 BedPan - UKTrainsim

  • From UKTS uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=36205

    1st public release of the GWML 50s/60s route.
    This is a backdated version of the old Oxford - Paddington route, with some additions.
    It currently runs from Paddington -
    Reading (General)
    Greenford GW (Via Park Royal & Perrivale)
    Greenford LUL bay (Via Drayton Green halt)
    As well as the line from Southall - Brentford town goods / Firestones yard.

    This is still very much a work in progress, so you may come across several bugs which I plan to address in future patches.

    A simple QD is included, but additional scenarios are being made for the route and a route guide.

    To install, simply drop the contents of the file into your railworks directory & then run the Asset_install.cmd from there.
    Requirements -
    Falmouth branch
    Exeter - Kingswear
    Oxford - Paddington (Very important)
    Kuju assets (Very important)
    Donner Pass (Not too important as it is for the Brentford neon signs)
    Sherman hill (Not very important)
    Cornish China clay for export 
    West Somerset railway 
    London - Brighton
    Isle of Wight
    Woodhead route (Not that important)
    WCML North
    Free asset pack (included with Falmouth branch I think)
    [Just Trains]
    Western Mainlines
    Wycombe joint line V2
    GCR V3
    John Yelland's GW signal packs
    Mark Brinton's SR signal packs
    Longbow's GWR signage and Signalbox
    Creative rail freeware route builder pack
    UKTS freeware packs
    Lanky tracks.

  • Holz wrote about "the updated West Yorkshire Coast route". ?(

    We all know exactly what you meant, Holz; it's the North Yorkshire Coast route.

    West Yorkshire is a fine place, but it doesn't have a coast, it has Lancashire... ;)

    Kind regards,

    John M

  • Well, in a sense you're right, Holz...

    Good Yorkshire folk heading for Blackpool tend to close their eyes as they cross the county boundary and keep them tight shut until the coach stops at the beach. Sounds odd, but it apparently prevents damage to their prejudices...

    Kind regards,

    John M

  • From Danny's Facebook page;
    Update to South London & Thameslink
    I have been given permission to use the edited assets that I have done, (still WIP) Includes WIP City Thameslink and Very WIP Blackfriars, still need to be finished. (to note requires download file from this page).
    Fixes and Updates:
    * Includes City Thameslink and Blackfriars (both still WIP)
    * Updated AI Pathing on MML Section
    * More scenery included (no more floating track)
    * Removed "Reskined" signage as these weren't working that well.
    * Included Class 319 Quickdrive consist to work with South London & Thameslink as AI
    Notes: The two stations are meant to be representations of the two stations and don't match the real station unfortunately - I don't have the skills to make stations from Scratch.
    The download file does include Geopcdx files but only with permission to include them, unfortunately I'm unable to allow others to host these files.
    Route Link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/…

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