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BR Class 37/4,5 & 7 From Railright

  • From Facebook;

    Now 40145 is out, focus can again shift to the new locomotive project. Modeling is largely complete so I think its about time you all get to see whats been happening over at RailRight.
    The Class 37 is a favorite among many and I feel is a natural step on from the Class 40. Built from the ground up, the Class 37 will contain advanced scripting and again, the aim is to provide a good amount of visual variation.
    For now, here's a render of the model (WIP) with more info to follow soon.

    For those looking for news on the Class 37, Things have been quiet, yes, so It seems only fair to show off an in development cab render. This particular cab setup is from an EWS liveried Class 37/5. It has SSC, NRN radio, Sandite equipment and a reinforced centre window frame fitted. More and more bits of kit were added to the exterior and cabs when the railways were privatized although that's for another day!