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Raildriver and Joystick software by cobra One

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  • Original topic seems to have disappeared, so here is the news.

    Now updated to V2.2

    1. This includes V2.1.9 which adds an option in the Settings\Overlay menu to allow those who have more than one monitor to select which monitor to display the overlay on.
    2. When a user assigns a button in the button map, a check is now made to see if the button is already assigned, if it is then you will be asked if you wish to delete the original assignment. (for --Tim)
    3. Fixed error in the Data Extractor not updating the lever maps correctly when adding the data from the Updates\lever Fixes folder
    4. Added updated lever map for the "JEANPIERREM\JP_CC72000"

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.7 released

    1. Added updated scripts for the VNHRR.

    2. Added audible/visual warning for the ATP alarm which you can see and hear while in external views.

    3. Added the option to select an alternative engine script template when using the Extract Single Folder option in Advanced Mode (see page 8 of the manual). With some loco’s, only one or two of the controls work, to fix this you need to alter the order of the function calls in the engine script. This is what the alternative engine script does.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

    Re-updated due to software error and keymaps updated.

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.0 released

    (Advanced Mode Only)

    1. Added another warning to the overlay that will display a message advising you that you are approaching a reduced speed limit if your current speed is 2 mph or 3.2 kph above the reduced limit and you are within 1km or 0.6 miles of the limit. An audible warning will sound too but will only sound for 2 seconds. The message will stay displayed until you reduce your speed to less than 2 mph or 3.2 kph above the new speed limit. This warning can be turned on or off in ‘Settings\Overlay\Main\Warnings\Approaching Speed Limit’. This has been added to help where some routes have speed restrictions without warning signs.

    To enable this warning to be sent to the serial port I have added the line ‘Warning=SpeedLimit=SpeedLimit’ to the ControlNames.txt file. If you are updating from an earlier version then you will need to add this line to the end of your ControlNames.txt file located in your Settings folder.

    The data sent will be SpeedLimit:SpeedLimit:60 the 60 being whatever the next speed limit is.

    data[0] = “SpeedLimit”,

    data[1] = "SpeedLimit",

    data[2] = 60

    (Both Modes)

    1. When editing a button map I have added another menu option to the menu that appears when you right click on a row. It’s called “Copy Command” and will allow you to make a copy of the selected command. This is to allow users who want to use two buttons to turn something on and off such as the wipers with ‘V’ and Ctrl+V’.

    You create the first command and assign it the ‘V’ key, then make a copy of it and just change the keys to Ctrl+V. This applies to any commands such as increasing/decreasing headlight or wiper speed etc.

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.6 released

    1. Adjusted the code so that more sifa/cruisecontrol commands can be displayed on the Raildriver or sent through the serial port.

    2. It is now possible to use the hat switch on a joystick as 4 separate buttons.

    3. Added the option to now split the axis of a joystick into two when assigning it as a button which means, one end of travel can be one button and the other end can be a second button. See page 8 of the manual. As a result, you can now use your flight sticks as buttons too.

    An example of it’s use would be as the brake lever on a class 66 which is centre sprung. Assign the apostrophe key to the down side of the axis and the semicolon to the up side of the axis.

    You will need to first add a new command for this see page 8 section 4e.

    Another option would be to assign the Space key to the left side of the axis and the B key to the right side to give you the high/low horn.

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.7 released

    1. Fixed problem with Virtual Railroads trains not displaying sifa properly on the Raildriver.

    2. Fixed a problem where the rotation controls on a joystick were not assigned correctly in last update.

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