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    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.6 released

    1. Adjusted the code so that more sifa/cruisecontrol commands can be displayed on the Raildriver or sent through the serial port.

    2. It is now possible to use the hat switch on a joystick as 4 separate buttons.

    3. Added the option to now split the axis of a joystick into two when assigning it as a button which means, one end of travel can be one button and the other end can be a second button. See page 8 of the manual. As a result, you can now use your flight sticks as buttons too.

    An example of it’s use would be as the brake lever on a class 66 which is centre sprung. Assign the apostrophe key to the down side of the axis and the semicolon to the up side of the axis.

    You will need to first add a new command for this see page 8 section 4e.

    Another option would be to assign the Space key to the left side of the axis and the B key to the right side to give you the high/low horn.

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.7 released

    1. Fixed problem with Virtual Railroads trains not displaying sifa properly on the Raildriver.

    2. Fixed a problem where the rotation controls on a joystick were not assigned correctly in last update.

    Available now £ 9.99 or equivalent Class 325 Enhancement Pack

    Class 325 Enhancement Pack

    What is included?

    bullet.png2 liveries (see screenshots above for details)

    bullet.pngDetailed internal & external audio

    bullet.pngAccurate acceleration and braking physics

    bullet.pngNameplates for 325002, 325006 & 325008

    bullet.pngWheelslip Protection (WSP)

    bullet.pngNeutral section & dual voltage functionality

    bullet.pngImproved cab visuals and functionality

    bullet.pngAutomatic unit numbering. Both driving vehicles in a unit automatically given matching unit numbers and all vehicles given their corresponding vehicle number.

    bullet.png3 realistic & engaging scenarios for the DTG ECML London to Peterborough route

    bullet.pngAnd much more

    North London Lines BR/NSE V4

    Now released North London Lines BR/NSE

    The route presented in this package takes the route add-on released by Dovetail Games for Train Simulator 2021+, and backdates the whole route to the 1980s, before Broad Street closed and the branch to North Woolwich was first electrified. Broad Street and North Woolwich being extensions from the Dovetail Games release.

    Version 4 includes all of the above, but now with the addition of the WCML and DC lines between Watford Junction and Euston, Camden Road via Primrose Hill and the Croxley Green branch.

    Two free roams, ten standard scenarios and QuickDrive destinations are included for the whole route.

    Core Route Requirements:

    · DTG North London Line & GOBLIN Add-on (Steam)

    · DTG WCML South London—Birmingham Add-on (Steam)

    · DTG GEML London—Ipswich Add-on (Steam)

    · DTG AP Station Pack (Steam—included in Doncaster Works, Falmouth Branch, Portsmouth Direct Line, Northeast Corridor, Horseshoe Curve, Woodhead, Trains Vs Zombies 2, Western Lines of Scotland, WCML Over Shap, and Pietmaritzburg to Ladysmith.) YOU ONLY NEED AT LEAST ONE OF THESE!

    All other scenic assets are contained within the installation.

    PLEASE NOTE: The route may not function without all of these additional add-ons present, and the installer will check whether they are installed.

    Scenario Requirements:

    · DTG Class 415 EPB EMU (Steam)

    · Class 415 EPB BlueGrey Repaints by RFletcher (DPSimulation)

    · DTG BR Blue Add-on Packs 1 and 2 (Steam)

    · Class 416 EPB BR BlueGrey/NSE Repaints (BackdatedTrainsim)

    · DTG Class 56 loco (Steam)

    · AP Class 56 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

    · DTG WCML Over Shap Add-on (Steam)

    · DT British Railways Wagon Pack (Digital Traction)

    · AP Class 313 EMU Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

    · Class 313 BR/NSE North London Lines pack (Backdated Trainsim)

    · DTG Class 121 NSE Bubblecar DMU (Steam)

    · AP JXA/POA Wagon Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse

    ADDITIONAL: Sometimes SmartScreen Filter may block the download because of the low download count. The file is safe so you should be able to allow the file through. For more information on SmartScreen Filtering, see: Windows-Hilfe und -Learning - Microsoft-Support

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.0 released

    1. Advanced Mode:- Updated the “New_Engine_Template.lua” & “Alternative_New_Engine_Template.lua” files to work with the Virtual Railroads VR_BR185_2_EL, if you are having trouble getting their other trains to work then it may be worth running the data extractor again and see if the loco is now fixed.

    2. Both modes, I have supplied an update lever map for the VR_BR185_2_EL which allows you to use the quick release of the TrainBrake, you will need to put the lever back to release before the throttle will work.

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.2.5 released

    1. Fixed an error that crept in in V3.2.4 which stopped Standard Mode from working.

    2. Added fixed lever maps for the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 411/412 which sets the VirtualBrake to Enabled.

    Now imminent apparently

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    ChrisTrains NS GTOW / GTU Euro 1.75 + Tax

    • Comes in eight variants - E (Coal), Eo (Beets), Ez and Ez 'S' (aluminium), GTU flatbed with Mat '54 nose, GTU flatbed with Mat '64 nose, GTU flatbed with a pair of SGM noses, and GTU flatbed with a bogie.
    • Tick the 'cargo' box in the wagon properties when creating consists to see the gravel load.(Knowledebase).
    • GTOW variants will load and unload at transfer points.
    • Look for 'CT NS GTOW' or 'CT NS GTU' in the wagons list to find these wagons.
    • GTU train noses are separate objects that can be placed in routes or scenarios (in the 'misc' objects - look for 'CT NS Mat'54 nose', for example).
    • Can be used in your own scenarios.

    Steam Sounds Supreme Sale Home - News and Releases

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    From UKTS

    As a kind of addendum to the excellent installation guide, the following information just missed the publishing deadline. It concerns the scenarios created by myself, [GH], as follows:

    [GH] The Cornish Thumper Part 1

    Guvs are no longer available from the source mentioned, but alternatives can be obtained from the DTG BRBluePack 02, or you could swap them for BG's.

    [GH] The Alternative Devonian Parts 1, 2, and 3

    Mk 2Coaches pack from Armstrong Powerhouse. This is the Mk2 D-F coach pack.

    Mk 1 coaches from Just Trains. These are from the LMS Patriot -Baby Scot pack which contains coaches carrying The Devonian roofboards.

    Part 3 only. The MJA wagons are from Steam.

    Berks and Hants to Bristol and Penzanze Route from VP. Berks & Hants to Bristol & Penzance - Vulcan Productions

    merges The Railways of Devon and Cornwall (RDC) and South Western Expressways to Reading (SWER).

    RDC and SWE-R are two well established TS routes. RDC started with, develops and vastly extends DTG’s ‘Riviera Line’. SWE-R started with and significantly extends and develops Just Trains’ ‘South Western Expressways’.

    The combined new BHBP route has well over 300 miles of main, secondary and branch lines across southern and south west England:

    • 219 miles of main line from Reading to Penzance along the Berks and Hants line via Newbury, Westbury, Taunton, Exeter, Plymouth and Truro.
    • 37 miles of main line from Bristol to Taunton via Cogload Junction
    • 21-miles of main and secondary line from Bristol to Bath and Westbury
    • 28 miles of secondary line from Exeter to Axminster
    • The secondary line from Newton Abbot to Paignton, and the Paignton and Dartmouth heritage railway onwards to Kingswear
    • Exeter to Exmouth branch
    • The Tarka Line, including the Dartmoor Railway heritage and testing line from Coleford Junction to Meldon Quarry via Okehampton
    • Plymouth to Gunnislake branch
    • Liskeard to Looe branch
    • The St Erth to St Ives branch


    Required routes and assets

    RDC and SWER used assets from a significant number of different sources, so BHBP’s required assets list is quite long. There’s no way around this for now, but the combined route offers hundreds of miles of main, secondary and branch line track, allowing lengthy, varied and totally immersive true to life scenarios.

    BHBP just won’t work at all without your having: Train Simulator 2020 DTG – The Riviera Line DTG – The Riviera Line in the 50s Just Trains – South Western Expressways

    It may work – but only just in some cases – without you having the routes and assets shown below. BUT there will be big gaps in the scenery and you’d have a poor user experience.



    Brighton Main Line

    Town Scenery Pack

    Platform Clutter Pack

    West Somerset

    North Somerset

    WCML North

    European Loco and Asset Pack (Not required if you had Train Simulator before Sept 2012)

    Bristol to Cardiff

    Just Trains:

    Western Main Lines (none of the route extensions are needed)

    Bristol to Exeter Newcastle to Edinburgh

    Alan Thomson Simulation

    ATS OHLE Pack


    DP Simulation Barnstaple to Exeter Chris Trains NS Station and Object Scenery

    UK Trainsim Bridge Kit (Haddock 1000)

    Vulcan Productions VP Grass Pack

    Major Wales IET/EMU Stop Sign Pack

    We strongly recommend that you get hold of and install all of the above required routes and assets before you install BHBP.

    The vast majority of problems reported in requests for support are caused by failure to have required assets installed

    BR Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific £19.99

    Key Features

    • All 60 examples of the Rebuilt Bulleid Light Pacific class.
    • West Country and Battle of Britain Classes
    • Authentic audio recorded from Bulleid Pacifics.
    • 3 authentic liveries/variations:

        • British Railways Green
        • British Railways Green Weathered
        • British Railways Green with air brakes (34046/34052 & 34027)
    • Tenders
      • 4,500 Gallon Tender
      • 5,250 Gallon Tender
      • 5,500 Gallon Tender
    • Customisable disc/lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
    • High Intensity lamps for modern mainline running.
    • A selection of 36 headboards including:
      • Golden Arrow
      • Atlantic Coast Express
      • Bournemouth Belle
      • The Cunarder
      • Devon Belle
      • The Cathedrals Express
    • Customisable loco numbers, controlling the following features:
      • Number
      • Shed plate code
      • Lamp codes (front and rear)
      • Nameplate colour (black or red, West Country class only)
      • Nameplate or no nameplate
      • Locomotive condition
    • Realistic performance physics
    • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
    • Dual brake functionality (air-braked condition only)
    • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
    • BR ATC simulation
    • Injector simulation
    • Gauge Glass blowdown
    • Realistic adhesion model
    • Stunning fire and smoke effects
    • Directional sanders
    • Functioning isolation valves in cab
    • Steam heat simulation
    • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
    • Gauge vibrations at speed
    • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
    • Automatic Fireman
    • 12 engaging scenarios (see requirements section)
    • 45 Quick Drive consists (see requirements section)


    Required for Scenarios:

    Required for Quick Drive Consists only:

    Cambridge to Peterborough route released on ATS . £9.99 to subscribers, £19.99 to non subscribers. Very nice route

    Route requirements

    Route Description

    Forming part of the Fen Line this route depicts the picturesque lines between Cambridge and Peterborough in 2018, encompassing stations such as Cambridge North, Waterbeach, Ely, Manea, March and Whittlesea and freight yards at Ely, Ely Papworth and Whitemoor.

    The line sees a vast array of workings from Colas 37s test trains, LNER diverts alongside the bread and butter working of CrossCountry 170s and Greater Anglia DMUs. The lines around East Anglia are notably flat and thus this line has an abundance of different level crossings; from out of use examples at Ely, to modern Unipart Rail examples.

    We’re also extremely proud to bring you the debut of Cambridge station in Train Simulator with a fantastic model depicting the feel of this bustling commuter hub. The route shows the wonderful contrast along this line from the modern electrified commuter runs at Cambridge and Peterborough, the serene ‘old worldy’ feel of Manea and it’s semaphore signaling, to the bustling freight workings around March and Whitemoor.

    Points of interest:

    Keep your eyes peeled for: – Updated Peterborough station layout – King’s Dyke Brick Pits – Whittlesea Station – Whitemoor Yard – March Station – Manea Station – Ely Papworth Sidings – Ely Disused Level Crossing (Lights still flash) – Ely Station – Littleport Station – Cambridge North Station – Cambridge Station

    Level Crossings

    Created by our very own Jake Fuller, included with this route is a plethora of modern level crossings and their associated parts. Ranging from AHBs (Automatic Half Barriers) and AOCLs (Automatic Open Crossing – Locally Monitored) to Full Barrier CCTV – MCB (Manually Controlled Barriers). Modern LED and the older Halogen Wig Wags are featured with a range of barrier types such as the more common “SPX” Variants as well as more modern styles, notably the Siemens “S60” (which is based on a more continental design). The pack also includes many Level Crossing related assets such as Road Signage, Cameras, Fences and Huts.

    A staggering amount of work has gone into this route, and we give thanks to all of those involved.

    • Callum Renton
    • Matt Gooderson
    • Benammi Swift
    • Max Mortimer
    • Jake Fuller
    • Jordi (said he did not want to be credited but we have anyway)
    • Dom Cazaux
    • James Ivell
    • Matt Carroll
    • Chris Horsfield
    • AndiS
    • Armstrong Powerhouse
    • Gü Studios
    • Clowes
    • The beta testing team