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    Virtual District Line V2.1 now available Virtual District Line

    What is Phase II V2.1?

    Phase II is the second installment from release.

    It adds the Edgware Road and Wimbledon branches, and the C Stock to match.

    The route has had a whole scenery makeover, new track, new signals, QuickDrive, detailed documentation and a broad selection of scenarios.

    Update 2.1 introduces the following changes:


    • added JT-provided S-stock TAB triggers to prevent tripcock events through joint control-shunt signals

    • replaced all S8-aliased stop boards and trainstop markers with those from the JT Metropolitan Line

    • replaced S8-derived District S7 in scenarios with new version using S7+1 (S7+1 is now a scenario requirement instead of the S8)

    • changed the D78 (refurb and un-refurb) R-code "Putney Bridge" destination to be "Wimbledon"


    • fixed missing winter tunnel textures

    • converted most tunnel sections and viaducts to a loft version for seamless transitions and lower resource needs

    • retextured elevated wall base to match chosen trackbed texture

    • filled in some scenery gaps and terrain holes and levelled a couple of platforms

    • added some spotlights in cut/cover places where visibility of the S-stock stop markers was poor

    • added missing UKTS Freeware Van Repaints


    • WG15 / WG4 (PBR WB/EB) – changed signal type

    • W371 (WPK WB starter) – edited link1 to read across SWT depot EB x-over

    • W373R (WIM approach) – new approach control repeater

    • WB33 (WKN EB) – edited link1 to read across OLY x-over to ECT tunnel and EC300/EC3

    • WK1A (CPK-GUN dive-under merge) – added repeater head to give more advanced warn of WK1B at red

    • GB15R (KEW-RMD) – new approach control repeater

    • OP5 (ERD WB P3 starter) – moved so starter is clearly visible from all cabs, incl S7


    • various fixes, tweaks and fine-tuning

    • added 4 new T/Op Man scenarios


    • Added change log and Top Man overview to Route Guide. Updated FOV control info for TS2020. Updated pre-reqs for v2.1

    • Added new v2.1 T/Op Man Scenarios Guide

    • Updated Stocks Operator’s Manual

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    Live stream of the route, still available to watch, starts around the 11 minute mark

    Stainmore Line Demonstration LIVE!

    Stainmore Line Demonstration LIVE! Join us on board a Blackpool-bound train heading over the Stainmore route beginning at Barnard Castle. This train will be double headed by a BR Standard 4 2-6-0 and Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0. Pre-order the Stainmore, Shap & Eden Valley route and save 10% here:

    Gepostet von Steam Sounds Supreme am Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2020

    Now on pre-order £26.55 after 10% pre-order discount. From Facebook;


    We are delighted to announce that you can now PREORDER the long-awaited Stainmore, Shap and Eden Valley route for Train Simulator.

    Find out all about this labour of love and how you can pre-order your copy NOW AND SAVE 10% here:

    Please Note: Although the product is now in testing and here available to pre-order, we make no promises about time scales. It will be ready when it's ready.

    From the website

    More Than 100 Miles!

    Includes the following lines:

    Stainmore line from Barnard Castle to Tebay via Kirkby Stephen East

    Furness line from Kents Bank to Arnside via Grange Over Sands

    Hincaster Branch from Arnside to Hincaster Junction

    WCML from Burton Holme Penrith via Shap

    Eden Valley line from Eden Valley Junction(Nr. Penrith) to Kirkby Stephen East

    A Feast of Steam Traction

    This pack includes two brand new steam locomotives:

    Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0 in BR black clean and weathered

    Holden E4 2-4-0 in LNER black and British Railways black

    Also included are:

    BR Standard 4 2-6-0 in BR black clean and weathered

    BR Standard 4 4-6-0 single chimney in BR black clean & weathered, plus double-chimney in BR green weathered as 75026

    Fowler 4F 0-6-0(BR black repaint only)

    Stanier Black 5(BR black repaint only)

    Lots of Rolling Stock

    The route comes with a vast collection of rolling stock. This will enable you to get on with enjoying the route straight 'out of the box'!

    LNER Gresley Teak set

    LMS P1 coach set

    BR Mk1 Set

    3, 5 & 7 plank wagons with loads

    Private Owner 7 plank wagons

    16t & 21t Minerals plus other hoppers

    Three types of brake van

    Wide variety of vans

    Conflats with many different loads including cars appropriate to the era

    Milk and fuel tank wagons

    Cattle wagons with loads

    Some low poly wagons for filling up the sidings!

    Iconic Structures & Locations

    The Stainmore, Shap and Eden Valley route is full of iconic structures and locations, some foever lost and brought back to life as part of this route. Here are some highlights:

    Belah viaduct. At 16 spans and 196ft high. This was one of the highest bridges in the UK. It was demolished in 1963.

    Kirkby Stephen East. The hub of the Stainmore and Eden valley lines.

    Shap. The infamous 1in75 incline(northbound) on WCML

    Grange Over Sands. The unique sands and beautiful gardens

    Stainmore summit. With it's iconic summit board, Stainmore summit is in the middle on knowhere!


    To use this route you will need the following:

    A Working copy of Train Simulator 2020. The route will work on earlier versions, but the latest is recommended.

    European Assets Pack. Available HERE

    TS Academy. This should be part of the game by default.

    RSDL Foliage Pack. Should be bundled with TS by default. Please check filepath: steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSDL\Foliage01

    AP Stations. This is bundled with many pieces of route DLC. Check for this filepath: steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\RSC\APStation. If not present, we recommend Woodhead as a source.

    Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1 Updated!

    The following things have been addressed in an update to our Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1:

    - Tail lamp not showing on some BGs

    - Lining on BR Blue/Grey BCK
    - Numbering on Maroon2 livery
    - Numbering on Green2 RMB
    - Correct 'collision box' values so locomotive doesn't go 'through' the coach when coupling up
    - West Coast Railway Company TSO can now show a 5 digit number
    - Commonwealth bogie rotated where necessary
    - Incorrect window/door/interior placement on FK
    - Only one ETH jumper now visible per coach end instead of two
    - Missing RMB interior wall
    - Mock black windows on Parcels and Royal Mail liveries added

    To obtain this update, simply re-download from your 'Downloads' area

    TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.7 released

    1. Added updated scripts for the VNHRR.

    2. Added audible/visual warning for the ATP alarm which you can see and hear while in external views.

    3. Added the option to select an alternative engine script template when using the Extract Single Folder option in Advanced Mode (see page 8 of the manual). With some loco’s, only one or two of the controls work, to fix this you need to alter the order of the function calls in the engine script. This is what the alternative engine script does.

    As usual, all existing users simply extract the files in the download to you current folder overwriting all existing files.

    Re-updated due to software error and keymaps updated.

    From Facebook;

    Armstrong Powerhouse

    Thursday 16th January will be the final call for purchasing any of our scenario packs still on sale.
    After this date, they will be discontinued in preparation for the launch of a new way of distributing scenarios later this year.
    We can't reveal much yet but rest assured, it will never have been so easy to find and install scenarios for Train Simulator!

    Armstrong Powerhouse presents the Mk1 Coach Pack Volume 1. Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1

    Volume 1 focuses on the most common variants of the Mk1 coach; from its inception in the 1950s, right up to the present day.

    What is included?

    bullet.png13 variants - BCK, BFK, BG, BSK, CK, FK, FO, RBR, RK, RMB, SK, SO & TSO

    bullet.png15 liveries (see screenshots to the left for details)

    bullet.png3 bogie variants - BR1, Commonwealth & B4

    bullet.pngSecond class compartment & 'head out' passenger view

    bullet.pngHigh quality and detailed audio

    bullet.pngAdvanced slam-door functionality

    From the product page; Just Trains - Ashford-Lille

    Developed by Claude Jousset, Ashford-Lille is part of the high speed route between the UK and mainland Europe.

    The route features Ashford International station, the Shuttle terminals in the UK and France plus stations at Calais-Les-Fontinettes, Calais-Ville, Calais-Frethun and Lille-Europe in France. The trains cross the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel.

    The length of the route is around 110 miles/177km and features numerous custom assets and signalling

    North Lincolnshire Line updated or (this second link not live at time of posting)

    From the homepage

    The latest upload includes:

    Retford - Sykes Junction via Leverton and Cottam. Note that the Cottam Station and Cottam Power Station were never both open at the same time, but as per usual for my route, I’ve “re-opened” the ation (or perhaps built the power station a decade early!)

    Gainsborough - Sykes Junction via Lea and Stow Park

    There are various small upgrades in various other locations across the routes.

    Please note! I will not be making any further extensions. In future I shall be concentrating on improving what is already there. I may make line adjustments, such as north of West Halton, and north of Scunthorpe stations to correct route alignment, but in general alterations will be to improve scenery or assets.

    Apologies in advance: I’ve been concentrating on the route. Although the scenarios work on my computer, I have been lax in not giving details of stock required .... and some of them are very under-developed. You will be able to run your own versions, or if you want to develop some of mine that need developing, then please feel free to do so, publish them and put your name to them.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for another year of supporting our Train Simulator add-ons. From the roar of the class 37 to the scream of the class 319, it's been a good one!

    To celebrate, we are offering 30% off most of our catalogue. Make sure to fill those stockings high with train sim goodies.

    Sale ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 1st January 2020.

    Armstrong Powerhouse

    North East England V2…kKAPv9_o5coUKPwGZokXHy-KM

    North East England is an all new route with the goal of producing a large network showcasing the diverse range of lines in the area.

    Built completely from scratch, North East England was conceived as a replacement for the ageing 'ECML: North East' route and was designed to be built at a much higher quality using some of the latest assets available. Version 2 of this all new route features a high quality representation of the East Coast Main Line between Darlington and York, the section of the Durham Coast Line between Northallerton and Hartlepool, the section of the Tees Valley line between Middlesbrough and Bishop Auckland and part of the Esk Valley line between Middlesbrough and Nunthorpe. The route also includes numerous custom assets in order to capture an authentic look and feel of the area. With the inclusion of these areas, this means this new version of the route has over 100 miles of fully driveable route to explore.

    Users can create already familiar high speed services between Darlington and York, local services between Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Middlesbrough, Nunthorpe and Hartlepool, the Grand Central service between York and Hartlepool and a wide range of freight workings from the York area along with the various industrial areas around Billingham and Hartlepool.

    The route is built in a style where lineside detail is paramount and distant scenery less so. This cuts down on development time and also provides a benefit with a

    reduction of the use of system resources. This also gives me more time and resources to add future extensions to the route.

    A range of standard scenarios are included with the route along with a basic implementation of quick drive. We will also add further scenarios to the 'ECML Collection' here on the DPSimulation website along with a much more advanced system of era-specific quick drive to cover multiple eras once the route becomes more complete. Please refer to the PDF document entitled 'NEE Scenarios' that is provided as part of the download for more information.

    Due to comprehensive volume of detail many areas, particularly in York, it is recommended that you run scenarios in the 64-bit version of Train Simulator where possible. A detailed manual has also been created and it is important you read this before installation/use of the route in order to be aware of any expected issues. This can be downloaded/viewed from the link below.

    The route also includes the 'Scenario Creation Kit'. This gives scenario creators the opportunity to include era-specific station signs in any scenario they create and distribute to the community. A detailed manual is provided in order to aid users in how to implement these signs

    From Facebook;

    We're pleased to announce that an update has been released for the Riviera Lines GWR route. Our thanks to Peter for his work on this fantastic route!
    This FREE route can be downloaded here:

    Updates include:

    >Fixed broken consist in free roam scenarios
    >Added Brixham engine shed
    >Added Concertina coaches to AI
    >More high quality drivable passenger consists from Marcus Boon in the QD menu category 'MB GWR SouthWest'
    >Some post war freight WD 2-8-0 drivable consists in the QD menu category 'WRJL WD 2-8-0 Post War'

    And here's an update feature video: