RSC Munich Augsburg little upgrade

  • RSC Munich Augsburg little upgrade

    The upgrade

    This is a small update for Munich Augsburg just to make the route looks more up to date or at least match my likes. The patch does the following changes :

    • Replace RSC contracte tracks with DB tracks
    • LZB cable preserved everywhere
    • RSC wooden track ballast with color tweak to match DB tracks
    • RSC 3D trees replaced by Radiomaster selected ones
    • RSC 2D yellowish vegetation texture replaced with greener one
    • Original gravel bed replaced by a soft braun one
    • Bridge and Procedural items color according to track bed
    • Improved RSC top rail texture (larger used white central part).


    You need the very common freeware DB tracks from RW Austria and of course the payware RSC Munich-Augsburg Route Add-On. The

    RadioMaster vegetation is included in a specific version with better LOD (LOD did not change, trees are always in high details). The version included is not mendatory. You can use the regular one if you have it.


    Extract the content to a temp location.

    Copy the folders Assets and Content to your Railworks folder.

    Replace file if asked.

    Enjoy, it's done.

    Technical info

    The modified Tracks.bin did not impact scenarios (I haved tested about 10). I have to edit the Tracks.bin to remove a incorrect entries which create a graphic bug near Augsburg. Track with and without LZB where affected to the same track segment and it mess the track texture until the sky!


    Anyone can improove this mod to make the route better and can redistribute the improved version. But please keep credits to orginal in note.

    Benötigte Payware
    RSC Munich Augsburg
    Benötigte Freeware



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